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RCAB provides collaborative services in antibody humanization and other antibody design requirements. RCAB does not carry out 'wet' experimental work but works closely with its partners guiding the molecular and cell biology constructs to be made and tested. RCAB can provide humanization strategies for any or all the approaches of CDR grafting, resurfacing or super (germ-line) humanization. Where structural information is available RCAB can also assist with proposals for improving affinity of selectivity of its partner's antibodies. The recent approach where high affinity antibodies are raised in rabbits and the sequences then cloned, can also be used as a starting point for humanization, making use of RCAB's extensive database resources.

Where 3-D structural information is required RCAB can provide x-ray structures through its collaborative partners with a fast, economic service. The combination of molecular modeling and x-ray structural information provides a robust foundation for placing antibody framework and CDR residues in their correct structural context. This in turn leads to a higher confidence when assessing the need for murine replacements (back-mutations) in the humanized construction(s).

Note: RCAB is not qualified to provide advice on legal aspects of patents for any of the humanization approaches selected by its customers but can assist with FTO (freedom to operate) reviews via scientific searches if requested.

Business Model

RCAB offers several business arrangements to suit your requirements, from short term fixed consulting fees to medium to long term FTE arrangements. Contact us here to begin discussions on how to solve your particular challenges. RCAB does not request royalties on, or patent co-inventorship in, any of the commercial partner's antibodies it works with. We do however propose milestone success payments where appropriate.

RCAB operates a fast contract negotiation process and prefers to work closely with its partners during all phases of any project. Our commercial philosophy is, simply put "High affinity interaction for a successful product".

RCAB is a fee-for-service company and welcomes enquiries on any aspect of antibody structure and design. Contact us at

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